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Please familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures before applying.


Panel Moderator

Maintain a professional atmosphere during panel sessions; assist with Q&A sessions – handle microphone if necessary; maintain room capacity regulations; announce each panelist at the beginning of each panel, and start and end panels according to the event schedule.

Info Booth

Provide on-site information related, but not limited to; general information about the event; building layout; pricing; and schedule.

Cosplay Associate

Assist event cosplay judges with tasks, such as; distributing certificates and prizes; announcing cosplayers during the presentation segment; and welcoming attendees to the cosplay contest.

Will Call

Check-in pre-paid ticket attendees.

Ticket Sales

Assist customers in purchasing tickets to the event.

Photo Ops

Assist photographer with tasks, such as; escort attendees to the photo op location from the waiting line; escort attendees from the photo-op location; help maintain an even flow between photo op sessions, and other tasks deemed necessary by the photographer.


Assist celebrity guests with tasks, such as; handling purchases from attendees; maintaining an even flow between attendees at the celebrity booth; and other small tasks deemed necessary by the staff.

Game Room

Provide assistance to attendees wishing to participate in games provided on-site.


Handle monetary transactions related to the following kinds of transactions; tickets; photo ops; autographs; meet & greets; and merchandise purchases.

Cosplay Judge

Professionally determine which cosplay participants meet category requirements; assign certificates of achievement to contest winners; and pass out contest prizes.


Maintain a professional, safe, and comfortable atmosphere during events; and check and authorize the use of cosplay props, weapons, and personal baggage in the event venue.

Celebrity Handler

Provide assistance to celebrity guests; man their booth while they are away; handle all purchase transactions.

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