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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pop Culture Convention?

Pop Culture Convention (Pop Culture Convention) is a chance for the Utah Valley (and other areas) to come together to celebrate pop culture, anime, games, cosplay and more!

What is “pop culture”?

According to Wikipedia, it “is the entirely of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images, and other phenomena that are within the mainstream of a given culture”.  Or in other words, anything that is currently popular, as well as anything that may have originated in the 19th century that has become popular.

Where is Pop Culture Convention?

Unless otherwise indicated, it is at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, UT.

Who sponsors Pop Culture Convention?

Pop Culture Convention is sustained by the generous donations of our sponsors and our fans.

However, if you wish to become a sponsor, funder, or patron, please visit our Sponsors page.

Why and how did Pop Culture Convention start?

Originally, Pop Culture Convention was named “Cedar City Pop Culture Convention”, but was changed in 2016 to Pop Culture Convention.

Pop Culture Convention was created to allow those who live in the Utah Valley (and other areas) a chance to attend a (comic) convention and to have fun.

When is the Pop Culture Convention?

Check out the featured post on our home page to learn more.

How many people attend?

While we don’t have these metrics yet, we can say that we’ve grown every year.

Where do I submit feedback, questions, pictures, and other stuff?

Feel free to send us a message via our Contact page.

Is Pop Culture Convention a family friendly event?

Yes! Our goal is to allow anyone to enter and to have a good time!

Can I bring anything into the con?

Aside from illegal substances, alcohol, or weapons, yes! Please note that costumes need to be a reasonable size as to not hinder any of the other attendees while attending.

Do I need to live in the area to attend?

Nope! If you are attending from out-of-town, we suggest reserving a hotel in the area ASAP, especially if other events are happening in town at the same time.

When will tickets for this year’s event go on sale? Where can I get tickets for this year’s event?

Check out the featured post on our home page to learn more.

Can I buy tickets at the door?


What is the refund policy?

We currently do not offer refunds. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Are there any discounts available?

Children ages eight (8) and under get in for free. We also offer a family pass of 5 for the price of four tickets, as well as a discount for Seniors, Veterans, and Active Military with valid I.D.

Are there volunteer opportunities?

If you are interested in helping out, please visit sign up here.

Can I change the name on the ticket if I can’t go myself?

Please log into your account (where you purchased tickets for Pop Culture Convention). From there, you will be able to change the name on the ticket.

Will there be any celebrities there?

Please visit our guests page for more information.

Can I suggest a celebrity?

Certainly! Simply click HERE to make a request.

Are photos allowed at the celebrity’s booth?

Please check with the celebrity at the event. Some will allow it, others may not. Please note, there may be a fee involved.

Are photo ops available?

For the celebrities participating in photo ops, they will be listed alongside tickets for the event.

What if a guest cancels after I’ve bought a photo op?

If a guest cancels, your photo op is refundable (up to one week before the event), or can be redeemed for another photo op of equal or lesser value.

How many people are allowed within one photo op?

Up to four attendees are allowed per photo op. For more than four attendees, you will be required to purchase an additional photo op; otherwise the additional people will be turned away. Children ages six or below do count towards the four.

How early should I arrive for my photo op?

Please arrive between 5 to 15 minutes before your slotted time.

How do I redeem my photo op once I’m at the event?

Please print your purchased photo op ticket and present it at the event. As phone service may be unreliable at the event, please print and bring your photo op QR code. This will help keep the lines moving quickly and smoothly.

What is a “meet & greet”?

A meet & greet is an opportunity for fans to have a private, 30-minute chat with a celebrity.

How is parking for the event? Do I need to pay for parking? Is there a map available to find my way to Pop Culture Convention?

Please check out this blog post.

What is the smoking policy?

Absolutely no smoking, that also includes vapor or e-cigarettes, within the building(s) and within 25 feet of any entrance.

What is the difference between a vendor and an artist?

The difference between registering as an artist or a vendor spot is that vendors are selling officially licensed commercial items

Artists sell items of their own original, artistic creation and/or inventive reinterpretation.

However, existing business entities such as partnerships, LLC’s, etc., which are operating commercial ventures must purchase a vendor’s spot regardless of whether it will be selling fan-made goods and/or officially licensed merchandise.

What type of vendors/artists can apply to sell at this year’s event?

As long as your product falls under the family-friendly theme of the event, you’ll have a good chance of being accepted.

What kind of space does an artist/vendor get?

Please read this blog post for more information.

Are we allowed to share table space with a friend? If so, how does that work?

We do allow artists to share a table, but there is a fee. To share a table, both exhibitors need to submit an application. When submitting, please indicate which email address will receive the purchase link.

What is the Game Room?

This area of the convention is designated to play games.

Can I bring any game?

Please remember that this event is family friendly, so please only bring games that all can play.

Who is responsible for theft or damage?

The owner of the game is responsible for any damage dealt to the game or any theft. Pop Culture Convention is not responsible for any games that are brought into the event by attendees.

What is a panel?

An opportunity for people to talk about specific topics and for attendees to ask the panelists questions.

What kind of panels are available?

Please visit our schedule page for more information.

What kind of contests are available?

We currently only offer a costume/cosplay contest.

Can I request a certain panel or contest?

Please send us a message via our contact form.

Are there any rules for cosplay?

Please visit this page for more information.